Crafty Art: Embroidered x-rays by Matthew Cox

embroidered_xray.jpgThe immediate situation that springs to mind when stitches and x-rays meet is that someone has ended up in A&E. Which is possibly what makes these fantastic works by artist Matthew Cox so awe-inspiring.

Cox's Embroidered X-Rays are literally what the name suggests. Embroidery stitches made in the plastic sheet of x-rays of people's body parts.

They are extraordinary works alone, but when you look at the sheer volume of work he has done its enough to make your eyes water and your own bones ache. All those stitches placed in such a way to bring the stitched picture to life. Utterly jaw-dropping stuff.

See more of Matthew's work on his website (I particularly love the celebrities and stars that pop up in this collection. You can't beat an embroidered Miss Piggy x-ray).

Crafty Art: Embroidered x-rays by Matthew Cox - Comments

  • I have heard of many extraordinary artworks, but this one is
    the first of its kind. It reminds me of the evolution of man. To be able to
    produce an embroidered art from a plastic sheet with this quality finish
    requires a really creative, and very imaginative mind.

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