Crafty Art: Dirty Car Art by Scott Wade

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Most of us have seen the 'Clean Me' written on the side of dirty cars. But Scott Wade has taken the art of writing or drawing in dirt one step further and created unique artworks out of the grime left from traffic.

Scott lives on a road, notorious for the dirt and dust that covers any vehicle that passes down it. Armed with his handful of paintbrushes, he has created some amazing works of art from the dust on windscreens.

These artworks include, the Mona Lisa together with Starry Night, Girl with a pearl earring, and he's made some miniature 'paintings' on a pair of dust encrusted glasses. You can even hire him to make a work of art on your own car!

Unfortunately the artworks get washed away in the rain but, they remain immortal in photographic form.

Have you seen any awesome car art? Let us know...

[Image via Inspiration Green]

Crafty Art: Dirty Car Art by Scott Wade - Comments

  • Liam Falbo

    Kudos to Scott Wade for making a beautiful masterpiece such as this! I never thought that someone can actually do this. It's a good thing that it didn't rain that day, or we wouldn't see how wonderful a painting made from dirt and dust can be.

    Liam Falbo

  • Amazing! Who would have thought that someone will have the urge to draw a picture out of dirt? I salute him for making dirt into something beautiful and pleasing, and worth remembering. This masterpiece should be displayed in museums, so that it can be recognized by artists or enthusiasts alike.

  • Yow, that is impressive! You'd almost think that the dirt should be framed and hung on a wall. I guess that's turning a negative into a positive. Dirt is never pretty on a car, but this shows that there are exceptions.

  • deadlyknitshade

    I agree. Kind of makes you want to leave the washing up. :)

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