Gallery: Have a Kooky, Crafty Valentine's Day on Etsy

I love Valentine's Day, even though I'm married to someone who thinks it's nonsense. If nothing else, it's a convenient reminder that you've let date night slide (I hope you're reading this, Harold!)

But I'm not into celebrating it in the traditional way - who needs to fight every other couple in town for a table at a top restaurant, or spend all evening finding a vase for some dubious, faded roses?

If you like your Valentine's offbeat, Etsy is a great place to look for fun gifts (for yourself or someone else!) I've pored over innumerable Etsy results to pick out my faves.

Gallery: Have a Kooky, Crafty Valentine's Day on Etsy - Comments

  • Midnight_memory854

    I bought my boyfriend a Valentines Day card on Etsy that said, "I love you like a back-alley hooker loves crack."

  • ellenlindna

    Ha ha, that's excellent!  We should run a comment contest for the best Etsy card message.  

  • deadlyknitshade

    That's the kind of romance we're talking about!

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