How to: make your own brand labels


If you make things to sell, you'll know that one of the best ways to get more business is to package and brand your product and your business well. Labels are a key element to this.

However, it can be a timely and expensive exercise.

When it comes to your customer buying your product and having it on display in their home or about their person, you want the person looking at it to see your brand and to remember it.

If it's a sewn item, a fabric label would look very professional and can be sewn into the seam, exactly as a 'shop bought item' would look.

Finding a company to make fabric labels can be tricky and it can be quite costly.

Making them yourself is, of course, a lot less expensive and pretty simple. Especially if you follow The Academy's tutorial and utilise the services of Spoonflower.

Spoonflower is a company that prints fabric with your design and then ships it to you. Although based in The States, they also ship internationally, so don't let the distance put you off. (The Academy's labels cost around £12 for 140, so very reasonable).

Another way to make your own labels is to print them yourself on printable fabric and then follow the rest of the tutorial for turning them into workable labels.

However, my experience with this way of printing is that the ink is not super permanent- so beware!

Which ever way you label your products, make sure you can see your name and brand, and you can't loose. 

[Image Via The Academy]

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