Scarf of Doom Knit Along: join the Free Knitters Revolution

scarfofdoom_che.jpgThe marvellous thing about knitting is that you have the freedom to knit whatever you want, in whatever yarn you want, in whatever style you want, without worrying about it. It's that freedom that makes the craft, or indeed any craft, so inspiring and fun. Right?

Unfortunately a knot of nasty knitters sometimes appears online to point and stare at your craft and make you feel stitching shame. It's a sad world where this can happen, and there's one movement that is trying to change that. Fancy joining the Scarf of Doom Revolution for Free Knitting?

scarfofdoom_whodunnknit.jpgI posted the Scarf of Doom pattern as a reply to the herd of bleating 'knitting nay sayers' who ripped me and my crazy scarf to shreds after appearing on BBC Breakfast TV. It was my bid to encourage nervous knitters, who worried about the opinions of others, to come out and knit whatever they liked and not worry about what anyone thought.

Now, over on Ravelry, the lovely Liwella has launched a Scarf of Doom Knit Along.The Knit Along is "to demonstrate our right to make whatever we want, with whatever yarn we want". It's not just about knitting, it's about being able to make whatever you heart desires without feeling shame, no matter what your craft.

So if you're a knitter who believes in the freedom of the stitch join the Scarf of Doom Revolution for Free Knitters, and knit something eye-popping for freedom. Go on.

You can always give it to charity afterwards and keep the gift going. :)

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