Book review: Knitting for Gold by Sue McBride

knitting_for_gold1.jpgThe Olympics are coming! AAAAIIIIEEEEE! As the Olympics bandwagon with it's huge gold medal wheels rolls by it seems that everyone is jumping on it, and it doesn't stop when it comes to craft either. Didn't think it was possible to knit a hurdle? Think again!

Knitting for Gold by Sue McBride is Search Press' answer to the question "Eegad! The Olympics are coming! What shall I knit!?!?!". The answer? Olympians!

What's it about?
The blurb promises to instil you with the ability to "knit your own sports heroes". There are 20 dolls in the book for you to get stitching, along with all their sporting equipment. After all, what's a kick-ass snowboarder without his snowboard, eh?

knitting_for_gold.jpgSue is one of the infamous Materialistics, a group who make some jawdropping works of knitted art, so I'm already confident there will be fabulous knits inside.

The projects: The 20 projects in the book cover dolls of both sexes, with all manner of sporty skills. We kick off with the 'Get Ready' section, dealing with your materials and tips for how to finish the knits off. It's only a page but it crams a fair amount in.

Basic Dolls is the next part, this is where I think the book's heart is. The basic doll pattern is ace. It's cute and it comes with underwear (pants for the fellas, sports bra and knickers for the ladies).

The making up section is rather wordy (pictures to go with it would have been useful) but once you get the hang of it you have the basis to make every character in the book.

The rest of the patterns in the book are clothes and accessories to turn each plain doll into the sporting hero of your choice. There are also instructions on adapting the main patterns to fit each athlete.

Each group of accessories are laid out so you can see them, and then also pictured on the doll in a nicely posed action shot. Very cute indeed.

The last project is, of course, the medals. Three little heart-shaped medals to award your knits with.

What else is there? The cool thing about these knits are the extras to go with them. The fencer, for example, has a bit of clear plastic for his sword. The archer is shooting cocktail sticks. I love when crafters think outside the knitted box and don't insist you have to knit everything.

Craft type? If you're a sporty knitter who wants a fast project you might want to pace yourself. There's quite a bit of fiddliness in there so don't go expecting quick knits.

Overall it's a good solid book for those who want to learn to make dolls and the clothes and bits to go with them. You can adapt these patterns for loads of other events afterwards. It's definitely a knitted medal winner for me.

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