Book review: Teeny-tiny Mochimochi by Anna Hrachovec

teeny_tiny_mochimochi1.jpgLike cute? Like really cute? Like REALLY REALLY CUTE? Hell, who doesn't? Then you are going to fall in all kinds of fluffy puddles of love for Teeny-tiny Mochimochi, so don't say I didn't warn you.

teeny_tiny_mochimochi.jpgIt's no secret that Mochimochi master knitter Anna Hrachovec makes the cutest knitting patterns most of us have ever laid our crafty eyes on.

And since one of the unspoken formulas of craft is CUTE THING x TINY = SQUEEEEE, you have to worry about the hi-level of cuteness that is lurking inside Teeny-tiny Mochimochi (published in the UK by Potter Craft).

What's it about? It's about knitting. It's about really tiny things. It's about as cute as it gets.

The blurb yells "Tiny is the new huge!" and promises you "40 patterns for (Anna's) funniest, and most delightful knitted Tinys." There's also a tiny knitted pear on the back cover, looking at out at you from the shadow of real-sized pears. So much cute and you haven't even opened the book yet.

The Intro: Once you've recovered from the cover's cute, you head inside to Anna's preface. The preface tells the tale of Anna's spiral from normal knitting into the world of then tiny, and how her tiny knitting took off. It also gives you some damn good reasons for tiny knitting, and has the humour-stuffed and excited Mochimochi tone that makes knitting Anna's stuff so much fun.

teeny_tiny_mochimochi2.jpgWe pootle along to the Tiny Ingredients section. I heart the pictures for this, as a tiny knit is hanging out with each accessory.

Next up is a really good section on tiny knitting and making up. As with Anna's last book, Knitting Mochimochi, the pictures are clear, with bright yarn and simple instructions.

The Projects: There are 40 tiny projects in the book. You heard me. 40!

Starting with Tiny Animals (the tiny dinosaur made me die from cute), we move on through Tiny Edibles (conjoined fried egg twins!), Tiny Humanoids (tiny caveman complete with club), Tiny Inanimates (hello tiny telephone), Tiny Naturals (a tiny woolly world), and Tiny Holidays (woooo tiny ghost!).

As with all Mochimochi stuff the photography is fantabulous. The knit is clearly shown and is happened upon in the funniest setting possible. The patterns are also simply set out, with good pictures from different angles and laid out so you can follow them without getting lost.

tiny_mermaid.jpgWhat else is there? The book rounds off with suggestions on how to use your tiny knits. Earrings, keyrings, charms, fridge magnets etc. Some nice fun ideas.

You also get a couple of pages on knitting basics, including how to save yourself from the horror of a dropped stitch (always useful).

There's also a conversion chart, a list of abbrievations and a head's up of the suppliers used to find the right stuff to make the tiny creations.

Who's it for? Teeny-tiny Mochimochi is for anyone who likes cute. And if you don't like cute then this book is for you too, as just a quick page through will melt that cute-hating heart of yours.

They're speedy quick knits with maximum squee value, and I couldn't love this book more. Another tiny triumph from Anna and her mighty needles. Buy it and fill your life full of tiny happiness.

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  • ellenlindna

    The squee won't stop!!!  This looks AMAZING!!!!

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