Friday Crafty Film: Woo Work outsmarts CCTV with crochet

woo_work_face.jpgThey're watching. They're allllllways watching. How's a crafty person supposed to get away with anything when there are all these CCTV cameras around snooping into your business? Enter the wondrous Howie Woo of Woo Work, who uses his crochet hook, his yarn and his wild woolly imagination to sneak past the scrutiny.

In Yo' Face, Facial Recognition! is the latest post over on Woo Work to make laugh so loudly several of my knitted pigeons flew off. Howie literally crochets a new face for himself in a bid to outsmart a nosey camera firing a bit of facial recognition his way.

Not only is Howie a dab hand with the crochet hook, he (and the marvellous MJ, his camera-wielding partner in crime) also conjure up the craziest craft short films. And with Face : Rec they have outdone themselves with their crochet comedy and creativity (try saying that five times fast).

Watch and love:

Howie is one of my craft heroes, and if you want to know why a wander through his Woo Work website is all you need. From carrot jetpacks, to pyromaniac mushrooms, to ravenous killer moths if you're not desperate to learn how to crochet within five minutes then you either already know how or are a little bit dead inside.


You can also get your Woo Work fix by stalking Howie on Twitter and Facebook if you want to keep up with his crochet capers.

Got any sneaky stories of using crafty to creep past Big Brother? Share them in the comments below.

Friday Crafty Film: Woo Work outsmarts CCTV with crochet - Comments

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