How to: keep your original hem on your jeans


Ever wondered how to keep your original hem on your jeans when you make them shorter? 

Follow this simple how to by Refashion Mama and make your jeans fit perfectly whilst looking like you haven't touched them!

When it comes to taking up trousers and jeans, it's my least favourite type of sewing. Don't get me wrong, I love sewing, but I want it to be relaxing, sometimes colourful but always creative.  

Taking up jeans, in my view doesn't fall into any of these categories, so when I find a technique that speeds up the process and looks really professional, I can't help but shout about it!

This is a great technique for newbies too, it's a great way to practice sewing in straight lines, especially when you follow the last step of stitching down the hem so it doesn't flip up after washing your jeans.

Taking up jeans will never be glamorous but it's a very useful skill and can save you a ton of money - especially if, like me you are on the shorter side of life!

[Image via Refashion Mama]

How to: keep your original hem on your jeans - Comments

  • Nice creativity and art.So in this way we can make our jeans more styling and dashing.Thanks ¬†dude for making us more smart and attractive.

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