Knitting pattern: pint of beer mittens

beer_mittens.jpgTis St Patrick's Day to be sure. This requires those of us with even a drop of Irish blood (and as an O'Farrell I think I have that covered) to get out there and ingest serious amounts of Guinness and whiskey. And what better way to drink that river of booze than to whip yourself up a pair o' Mittens With Pints On to wear while ye do?

This Mittens with Pints on knitting pattern is by the ever so clever SpillyJane Knits, whose cool and curious patterns I am a big fan of. There's also a sock version, for those who like to wear their booze in their shoes.

Once you're done knitting your boozy mitts, there are a ton of free knitting patterns to get your needles into too, and some rather lovely ones for sale too (check out the Robomitts and the Swedish Fish. So cute!).

[Lovely image via Bookishknits on Ravelry]

Knitting pattern: pint of beer mittens - Comments

  • ellenlindna

    Hi-LARIOUS!  Love these!!!!

  • deadlyknitshade

    They're cool, aren't they? I wish I was a more fiddly knitter. Sigh.

  • CrochetBlogger

    Great St. Patrick's pattern pick!

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