Crafty art: Graffiti dustbin art


Bins (or trash cans to our U.S friends) are not usually seen as beautiful or technologically forward.

They perform a simple task.. to take our rubbish off the streets and keep the smells (hopefully) contained.

However Mental Floss has alerted us to some street artists out there who are determined to take this perception and turn it up upside down.

These bins have been attacked with paint, model making materials and spray cans to create pieces of art or use technology to change the way we use these usually plain items of street furniture.

It's such a cool idea!  My favourites have to be the cookie monster and R2D2 bins (pictured above).

The cookie monster bin really reminds me of the googly eye craze that is currently hitting our streets. This recent craze sees people stick googly eyes to street furniture, drab areas and anywhere that is begging to be made into a face!... You can see pictures of this street art over at Googly Eye Graffiti.

I would love to see a few bins in London made over to be a little more creative.  

Come on! Let's all grab a couple of ping ping balls, a permanent marker and a cookie and decorate any blue bin we may find! Not blue? How about adding some paint to your arsenal?  (I didn't tell you to do that though...).

Seen (or done) any amazing street art? Share it in the comments below!

[Images via Mental Floss]

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