How to: make a lace lampshade


When it comes to lampshade tutorials, I'm a huge fan. I have no idea why, I just think it's cool that you can make stuff that people don't often think of making, but which can change the whole look of your home.

Follow this Lace Lampshade tutorial and you can create a real talking point for your room.

This is the first time I've seen lace being used to make lampshades, and I think it really works well.

Created by Isabelle over at Dos Family, all you need is a round balloon, some lace doilies and some wallpaper paste (but you could also use PVA glue).

Isabelle is a well known decorator and journalist with her own TV show for kids. Together with Jenny they created the Dos Family site, a place to talk about their creative exploits and show people how to make things.

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[Image via Dos Family]

How to: make a lace lampshade - Comments

  • This is really cute. Instead of buying an actual lampshade, it is better to make your own personal lampshade depending on how you want it to be.

  • Take note of what style your home is but also what style your lamp base is. For example, if your lamp base features an almost urn-like shape and quality, your style is probably a bit more traditional and you may be best suited with a lamp shade that is also traditional: the tapered look.

  • Too true timber decking.¬†

  • Since lampshades and lamp bases are often sold together we often don't give much thought to shades. But the lampshade can have as much impact on the room it's in as the base.

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