Stitch a womb for a US Congressman

knit_womb.jpgIf you're a lady in the US, or someone who thinks that ladies should have just as much freedom as men (an astounding thought to some) then you'll no doubt be aware that some freedoms have been threatened by the Arizona's controversial birth control bill. Craftivism to the rescue.

knit_womb2.jpgA group of crafty folks called Government Free VJJ, lead by knitting author and teacher Donna Druchunas (of Sheep to Shawl) with Annie Modesitt and Susan Santos, are rounding up needle wielders to stitch up all manner of wombs, lady parts and the odd woolly uterus to send to their congressman sending the message "Hands off my uterus! Here's one of your own!". 

Right: the label GF VJJ suggest you attach to the womb

For those that fancy flinging a fibre-based bit of femininity at them too there are a whole load of lovely patterns over on the Government Free VJJ pattern page for knitting, crochet and sewing, along with where to send them.

And anyone can join in, whether they knit or not, as Donna tells the folks at NY Daily News.

I do love a bit of brilliant craftivism. Best of luck to every needle and hook holding one of them.

Stitched up your own woolly womb to send? Used your craft to speak louder than words? Let us know your stories in the comments.

Stitch a womb for a US Congressman - Comments

  • radioactivesocks

    Kittenkagome you can have your opinion that is cool but the point of this campaign is that legislation on woman's issues should be lead by women who are affected by the choices made and have to live by the laws passes not by men. 

    If your pro life or choice doesn't matter. If you agree with the legislation or not doesn't matter. The issue is men making decisions that solely affect woman and not even consulting women. 

    Surely your not happy that men are making choices for woman like we are not capable of making our own decisions? Because at the core of it THAT is what this campaign is against.   

  • Kittenkagome

    Forgot to hit the dislike button on my earlier comment. My mistake

  • radioactivesocks

    please have a look at my above comment which I think might clarify the purpose of this campaign to you! 

    (i forgot to post my comment as a reply) 

  • Kittenkagome

    I find this a little insulting. I am a conservative female, and a crafter and i agree with most pro life legislation. But according to these people, you have to be a thoughtless male to agree with any of this. What does that make me then? Did the writer consider that not all women share the same viewpoint?

  • deadlyknitshade

    Thanks for your comment. The piece was a report on this particular craft movement. It just reports on what is happening and gives links for those who want to join.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion here and anywhere else. Craft is an excellent way to express it.

    If there is a craft movement expressing another view on this subject I'd be happy to add a link here too. :)

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