How to: make a ring out of money

coin ring.jpgA ring made entirely from a ten pence coin? By hammering and drilling, Kitty of A Law Student's Journey turned a metal coin into a thing of beauty with no metal working experience or fancy tools.

Kitty is a law student, who crafts her way through college, sharing her tutorials and makes with her blog readers as she goes, and her coin ring is one of her most popular how-tos.

The only tools you need to make the ring are a hammer, something metal to hammer against, a drill (preferably a Dremmel) and arms of steel. However, this last one can be optional as I'm pretty sure you'll get them after this project!

I've never seen this kind of jewellery before. Kitty says she learnt about it from her Mum, who explained that it was all the rage in the 70s.

It's pretty cool and I love reading about these kind of projects that turn everyday items into beautiful wearables.

[Image via A Law Student's Journey]

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