How to: turn your band t-shirt into a lacy crop top


Band t-shirts are a fine idea but they never quite look right on us ladies. They're all baggy shoulders and giant shapeless waists. Don't they realise that girls like to rock too? Craftgrrl blog to the upcycling rescue!

This post on Baggy Band Tees turned into Lacey Cropped Shrugs from Mirror and Moon is a genius idea (loving the Nirvana and Led Zeppelin examples). You get to keep the grungy rockin' image on the t-shirt front and turn the rest into something you might actually wear.

Want to upcycle your own t-shirts? Combine this DIY Crop Top video from FanieChanel:

With this How to Add a Lace Hem tutorial from Just Deanna

Et voila! A rockin' band tee with a girlie twist.

Made crafty magic with your own custom clothes? Give us a shout in the comments below. We'd love to see.

[Image via Craftgrrl]


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How to: turn your band t-shirt into a lacy crop top - Comments

  • yeah

    band t shirts DO look right on 'ladies'!!


    Great idea to turn your band tees into a lacy crop top.enjoyed watching you video .Thanks for sharing .

  • Zoehaas524

    Oh my gosh!!! Why cant they post things like this everyday!

  • ellenlindna

    Ha ha....we're always up for hearing our readers' ideas, Zoe. If you know any other rockin' tutorials, please tip us off! You can always contact us via the comments, or tweet at us - we're @craftycrafty on Twitter. Thanks for your comment!

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