Crafty Art: Kyle Bean's Drinking Straw Tube Map

tube_map_kyle_bean.jpgKyle Bean's Tube map made from drinking straws is only the latest sculpture from this amazingly crafty young illustrator. Read on to find out more about this influential maker.

Sometimes, craft does not need to be functional. It need only be amazing.

It is in that spirit that I tip you off to this colorful Tube map sculpture by British illustrator Kyle Bean. The man loves making things. And if there's potential for a pun - like a Tube map made of, well, miniature tubes, or a chicken made of eggshells - all the better.

But what does it mean? Perhaps as we gear up for the madness of the Olympics, it's a good time to contemplate a ingenious, colorful image of the city, and remember that living in London can be as full of fun as this re-imagined map.

Kyle's art appears in worthy print publications like the New York Times, the FT Weekend Magazine and Nature - and if you love crafty sculpture, you'll love his artwork. Since graduating from the University of Brighton in 2009, he's been getting hands-on with all kinds of wonderful materials - and providing inspiration for all of us. Check out his portfolio for more eye-popping projects.

Who's your favorite maker? Give 'em a shout in our ace comments section, and maybe we'll feature them on Crafty Crafty!

Crafty Art: Kyle Bean's Drinking Straw Tube Map - Comments

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