How to: bake tasty Olympic Ring Cookies

These tasty Olympic ring biscuits from The Kitchn will have you going for kitchen - and entertaining - gold.

The summer Olympic Games are about to hit town - and it's time to start eating like an athlete. In my book that means eating, well, a LOT. Luckily there are lots of fun Olympic-themed recipes out there - perfect for carbo-loading or just vegging out on the couch.

After all, nothing makes me want to go medieval on a plate of biccies like watching other people exercise.

These sweet and good-looking Olympic Ring Nanaimo cookies from The Kitchn are based on an old Canadian recipe - but to suit the occasion, they've been cut out with a special Olympic cookie cutter. I'm a big fan of novelty cookie cutters - and this one from Ann Clark, available via Amazon, is well worth the international shipping.

You can also fudge it using small juice glasses, a sharp small knife and all of your reserves of patience - just think of the athletes and focus. After all, the decoration is the star in this recipe - no one will notice if these biccies have rough edges.

Don't have cup measures? Don't fret. Just follow this recipe instead, from The Joy of Baking - some kind soul has gone back to the original Canadian recipe and written in all the metric measurements. Bless!

We're going to be blogging quite a few Olympic recipes in the coming month. Got any favorites? Please tip us off in the comments!

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