Any crafter who's worked with cork will tell you what a lovely material is is to include in creative projects: lightweight, easy to cut, eco-friendly and affordable, it's great for making practical pieces that can withstand a surprising amount of wear and tear. It also holds colour beautifully, making it ideal for eye-catching homewares and gifts.

decorque cork art.jpgIf you've not incorporated cork into your crafty adventures before, there's plenty of inspiration out there just now with designers turning out some really innovative pieces that show cork in a whole new light. We've been checking out the brightly decorated pieces at Decorque this week; a new family-run business specialising in all-things cork.

Their team have been here in London this weekend, getting inspiration from many of the big shows taking place over London Design Week.They've blogged about their experiences, with  some great images of the print highlights at Tent, 100% Design and more.

Cork is a great canvas for print, and we love Decorque's use of trend-led print combined with a classic floral design on these two orange rose and skin placemats:

leopard coasters.jpg

It's a little bit Versace, don't you think? Loving the leopard! Just another example of how you can use cork to get so many different looks.

If Decorque's launch collection has left you feeling inspired, you might want to learn a bit more about the production process for making raw cork into the eye-catching pieces sold on the site.

To keep up to speed on developments at Decorque, their current adventures in design are all detailed in their blog; you can also follow them on Twitter over at @Decorque